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Use Social Media to assist and augment your Dealer Network efforts, Manage Micro-Campaigns at the Macro Level, and “Drive More Traffic” to your Dealer’s Inventory utilizing  the most effective “Brand Awareness” tools available today. 

Let TweetMyCars manage Geo-Targeted solutions to drive more traffic to your dealer sites, E-Blast Incentives and Marketing Material, and effectively manage “What is Being Said” and “What is Being Heard” about your company. 

For Inquiries on how we can “Drive Traffic” to your message please email us at the following address and let us demonstrate our solutions!

Email us at is a member of Modern Content Inc.

Welcome To TweetMyCars!

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Welcome to  We are full-service Social-Casting company that specializes Automobile Campaign Management, Social Media Marketing, and Inventory Micro-Ads.  We utilize the most effective tools available today and gaurantee Social Search Domination (SSD).  TweetMyCars will manage your Social Publishing, Social Search, and Social Display efforts and in the end will utilize these platforms to drive unprecedented traffic to your National Brands and Local Dealer Inventory.

“Most Companies Drive Cars………..Ours Drives Traffic”

We welcome you to contact us at and let us demonstrate the power of our Social Publishing and Web-Traffic driving services!


Phone: 249-459-7691



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“TweetMyCars” will demonstrate $1000’s of dollars of savings each month while harnessing the power of Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and GoogleBuzz.  Contact “TweetMyCars” for  Professionally Managed Geo-Targeted Social Media Campaigns.

Most Dealers recognize that Social Media is a rapidly moving target.  Many have set up FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts yet many are still evaluating this space as effective Marketing Tools.  While many dealers continue to pour $1000’s of dollars each month into conventional Media, Press, and Classified Advertising,  TweetMyCars will demonstrate a far from conventional use of Social Media that we contend is the most effective “Brand Awareness” and “Web Traffic” driving product availailable.